Sacred Feminine Power

EPISODE 50; Healing the Five Core Feminine Wounds with Emmi

April 12, 2021 Emmi Mutale, Feminine Revered Season 1 Episode 50
Sacred Feminine Power
EPISODE 50; Healing the Five Core Feminine Wounds with Emmi
Show Notes

In today's episode, you get to listen to me talk about my journey and how an especially painful experience of the Sister Wound opened up a beautiful path towards transformation and healing, and led to the creation of my body of work around the Five Core Feminine Wounds. 

I also talk in more detail about the five core feminine wounds, which include:

  • Mother Wound, which is about our relationships with our own mothers as well as our experiences of motherhood in its many formats;
  • Body Wound, which relates to the narrow notions of beauty and attractiveness that dictate so many of our lives, the over-medicalisation of pregnancy and birth and the current threat to bodily autonomy; 
  • Menstruation Wound, which centers around the shaming of menstrual blood and the need to hide our monthly cycles and our disconnectedness; 
  • Womb Wound, which focuses on our disconnection from these sacred cauldrons of wisdom and power and the fact that we've been made to forget this power and

leave you with a message of hope around wounds being gateways into incredible wisdom and healing potential.

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