Sacred Feminine Power

EPISODE 141, She Rises with Anodea Judith

April 04, 2023 Emmi Mutale, Feminine Revered Season 1 Episode 141
Sacred Feminine Power
EPISODE 141, She Rises with Anodea Judith
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Show Notes

Anodea shares about growing up with two older brothers and how everything at home was centred around them and the masculine, with Anodea being reduced to 'nothing.' 

She goes on to talk about becoming an ordained Priestess in the 1980s, serving the community and living off-grid, and how we as a collective are moving towards an Era of the Heart.

Anodea also describes her recently published, beautiful oracle card deck, She Rises, which outlines 38 archetypes that reflect different phases of women's lives, shares a powerful clip about the Priestess archetype from an enactment of the Oracle cards, and draws a card for all of us (the Empress!).

Watch the video version of this interview HERE

More info about the She Rises Oracle Deck: She Rises

She Rises Cards short video

 Full version of the video clip shared by Anodea during the interview

Anodea's website:

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