Sacred Feminine Power

EPISODE 135; Home to Her with Liz Childs Kelly

March 08, 2023 Emmi Mutale, Feminine Revered Season 1 Episode 135
Sacred Feminine Power
EPISODE 135; Home to Her with Liz Childs Kelly
Sacred Feminine Power Podcast
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Show Notes

Liz shares about a powerful initiatory experience she had whilst at a business conference, listening to Dr. Elizabeth Kapuʻuwailani Lindsey talk about the navigation skills of the Pacific Islanders, and how this experience - followed by the birth of her second child a few months later - changed the course of her life.

Fuelled by the belief that all of life is sacred,  Liz started to question the absence of the female perspective and experience in the mainstream narrative. She surrendered to the call from the Divine Feminine, left her company, and started to do work that truly feeds her soul, including writing her book, Home to Her.

Liz also talks about sacred activism, the historical suppression of the feminine especially within patriarchy and the Abrahamic religions, the connection between the sacred feminine and magic as well as the concept and her experience of darkness. And much more! 

Liz's gift: First 25 pages of Liz's book and a free talk (scroll down a bit and you'll see tabs for "sample" and "author interview.")

Liz's book: Home to Her: Walking the Transformative Path of the Sacred Feminine

Liz's podcast: Home to Her 

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