Sacred Feminine Power

EPISODE 136; We, the Gaians with Jude Currivan

March 15, 2023 Emmi Mutale, Feminine Revered Season 1 Episode 136
Sacred Feminine Power
EPISODE 136; We, the Gaians with Jude Currivan
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Show Notes

Jude shares about her childhood and how the loss of her father at the age of 10 led to her taking on a very masculine role within the family dynamic, a role which she continued to play throughout her Physics studies at Oxford University and then in a corporate career. Much later she realised that by neglecting her feminine side, she was shutting herself down and essentially, imprisoning herself. 

We go on to talk about many fascinating topics including 

  • the  evolutionary impulse 
  • the dance between the masculine and feminine energies 
  • The Big Breath (the beginning of our Universe)
  • Dark energy and dark matter 
  • the primordial Om - the sound that pulsed our Universe into being
  • the Cosmic Mind, harmonic resonance and quadrivium
  • the science of love  

Jude makes me want to study physics! Enjoy!

Jude's book: The Story of Gaia: The Big Breath and the Evolutionary Journey of Our Conscious Planet

Jude's website:

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