Sacred Feminine Power

EPISODE 127; Science, Being, & Becoming with Paul J. Mills

January 17, 2023 Emmi Mutale, Feminine Revered Season 1 Episode 127
Sacred Feminine Power
EPISODE 127; Science, Being, & Becoming with Paul J. Mills
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Show Notes

Paul J. Mills shares beautifully about his journey with the sacred feminine and a realisation in his 50's that he'd been shut down in many ways for most of his life, focusing on the mental realms, and neglecting his emotions.

We go on to chat about Paul's latest book, Science, Being, & Becoming: the Spiritual Lives of Scientists, which emphasises the importance of merging science and spirituality; shares stories from scientists whose lives have been transformed through spiritual experiences; and describes his vision for the future of humanity and Earth founded on love.

We also touch on how science has been highly patriarchal and how it has - for many -  become about power and profit rather than true a quest for truth, and end on an inspiring message of hope about the collective, love-centred awakening process taking place on our planet at the moment.


Paul's gift: excerpt from Science, Being, & Becoming

Personal Self Integration (PSI) course:  helps a person meet and integrate their feminine and masculine selves.

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