Sacred Feminine Power

EPISODE 117; Female Fortitude with Julia Vitalis

October 25, 2022 Emmi Mutale, Feminine Revered Season 1 Episode 117
Sacred Feminine Power
EPISODE 117; Female Fortitude with Julia Vitalis
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Show Notes

Julia shares, potently and vulnerably, about her definition of sacred feminine power, and talks about the impact of the Mother Wound in her life.

She goes on to talk about a myriad of themes that touch all of us from the symbolism of the line and the circle; the increasing opportunities - and responsibility - for women to become more visible; the support that is available to us from the realms of nature from wild animals and plant medicine to elementals and angels and the impact of the ongoing pollution of Mother Earth on all of us.

Finally, Julia shares about Female Fortitude, her incredibly powerful song that took years to birth, that is really a tribute to women and our strength, and that can be listened to for healing and transformation. In more detail:

The video expresses the essence of female power around the issues of birth, death, connection to the earth, unity with all living creatures and the connection between the monthly cycle of menstruation, the tides and the moon. The deeper layers of consciousness explored in this film are a positive reappraisal of womanhood on all levels, skillfully juxtaposed to ongoing, millennia-long oppression. It works to support a latent ability to break out of cyclical victimization and transforms it into resilient self-empowerment.

Julia's song, Female Fortitude (in German with English subtitles)

Julia's website 

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